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video camera and photographic supports, is launching
Release date:2015-01-12

Video industry technology has radically changed over the past few years, introducing even lighter and more compact cameras. The latest cameras have created a new way of filming, where one person is often able to do the job on their own while a few years ago a full crew was required. The video industry is crossing over to a new dimension! Manfrotto, a market leader in the light

video camera and photographic supports, is launching a new family of video systems developed specifically for the latest camcorders, 3D rigs and the new generation V-DSLR. The ergonomic and technical characteristics make these systems the perfect support for the “new” video industry. NEW BRIDGING SYSTEMS Manfrotto is proud to introduce the “500” series with an invitation t

o “cross over” to the new dimension of film making. This family is the result of an important technical evolution the perfect synthesis between an innovative “bridge architecture” and Manfrotto’s cutting edge engineering: Bridging Technology, an exclusive Manfrotto patent. A new platform leading the videographer and photographer to even better results with today’s high-definition cameras.

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